Hot Stamping Dies

Schwerdtle is best known for producing the highest quality hot stamp foil marking dies that decorate some of the most well-known and prestigious branded products in the market. Schwerdtle engineers regularly partner with our clients on optimizing the artwork and engineering of our hot stamp dies to accomplish the world-class decorating that sets their products apart.

Companies such as cosmetics, consumer appliances, automotive, fashion, medical products and sporting goods makers use our dies for their critical plastic and leather-product marking applications.

Schwerdtle offers customized decorating tool solutions manufactured using silicone, steel, copper, brass, or magnesium. Our proprietary ‘silicone-bonded-to-metal’ bonding process provides durable, long-lasting tools that apply a crisp, clean, perfect image to your part.



  • 140 years of expertise in product decoration and engraving
  • World-class engineering team standing by to customize client solutions
  • Industry-leading line of foil marketing dies, fixtures and tools:Silicone
    • Rubber Hot Stamping Dies, Rolls and Sheet Stock
    • Engraved Brass and Steel Hot Stamping Dies
    • Etched Magnesium and Copper Hot Stamping Dies
    • Matched sets of Hot Stamping Dies and part-holding Fixtures
    • Bottle tools (“shrouds”)

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