Custom Silicone Formulation

Schwerdtle has been known for its proprietary silicone materials for more than 50 years. Our silicone’s material characteristics can be custom formulated to meet specific needs. We routinely modify durometer; increase or decrease thermal conductivity; add colors; adjust for durability, abrasion resistance and shear strength; and other characteristics depending on the customer’s needs and application.  

Being a thermoset silicone, once cured, it has incredible heat tolerance and working temperature range up to 500 degrees F, with intermittent contact over 600 degrees, for some formulations. Continuous use at extreme temperatures will shorten the life of the tool.

Our book of formulations ranges from very soft and pliable, with a good coefficient of friction and insulative properties to much harder, thermally conductive properties. Softer formulations are commonly used in the automation, assembly, and robotics industries. Those formulations modified to increase thermal conductivity are ideal for decorating and hot stamping customers.