Heat Staking

Schwerdtle is an expert in developing tooling and components for plastics assembly manufacturers whose operations require heat staking, or thermoplastic staking, to join plastic or resin parts. 

Our clients operate in industries with a wide variety of metal-to-plastic joining requirements, such as automotive, electronics, and telecom, that benefit from a custom engineered heat staking tool. When off-the-shelf is not an option, Schwerdtle engineers’ partner with our customers to design tools specific to their needs.

Schwerdtle makes both metal [aluminum, steel, or brass] and thermally conductive silicone bonded to aluminum heat staking tools. We specialize in custom shaped tools with designs on the staking face that help strengthen the overall structure of the join, precisely move the softened materials of the manufactured item, and provide a higher degree of join stability. Very often, our tools are used to join a plastic component to a metal part.



  • Schwerdtle is a machine-independent tool maker and has experience making your tools no matter which machines you use.
  • Our precision CNC capabilities can provide for custom high- and low- profile rosette, hollow stake, knurled or just about any other staking pattern that your engineering, or manufacturing, teams require.
  • Our tools offer precise control of temperature and pressure and create almost no mechanical stress to the parts being joined – this keeps fragile products like electronics safe from damage during the assembly process

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