Custom Machine Shop Services

With our CNC Machining centers, CNC lathe and EDM machines, mini-CNC engraving, grinding, and milling, we can provide short-run production for all types of machined components for you. Manufacturers, assembly, and automation integrators can require thousands of small precision parts fast, and we can help. 

We specialize in smaller CNC machined components for automation and assembly. We accept CAD drawings in popular 3D formats. What if there are no CAD drawings? Well, that’s OK too. Our engineers can create fixtures and decorating tools right from your actual parts. If needed, we can obtain accurate surface geometry by scanning your part and then models can be built up in polygons, surfaces, or as parametric solids. In cases where 3D CAD models do exist, they often need an engineering adjustment to reflect “as built” instead of “as designed” to conform to real world parts. 

We regularly machine steel, aluminum, stainless, brass, and composites like Delrin®. Most blind, threaded or through mounting holes, countersinks, positioning tabs can all be done directly in our high-speed machining centers at the time your component is being produced as part of the machining process. High-speed machining centers also provide excellent finished, near polished surfaces. For EDM, we machine our electrodes for our EDM process in-house, and because we control all the quality processes from beginning to end, we know that your components will fit. By combining operations during machining, we improve quality and reduce lead times for our customers. Time is a critical consideration for most automation and assembly integrators. 

We offer a host of secondary services such as anodizing (aluminum) for use in clean rooms or medical facilities, or just adding colors for process identification or marketing; durable plating such as hard chrome or zinc chromate; (black) oxidation and passivating; heat treating; and polishing are also available. 

Your Schwerdtle manufactured component parts will be done right and be ready to use. Since 1879, we have stood behind our work and our customer satisfaction.

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