Since 1879, Schwerdtle engravers, machinists, and mold and tool makers have provided 3D surfacing and precision tooling to our customers. While those skills are difficult to quantify, the results are readily apparent in the solutions we provide.

Most of our CNC machining services are job-specific, precision, custom projects. No two jobs are ever the same. Our expert CNC machinists have a variety of high-speed CNC machining centers, from small to large. CNC turning operations are done on our lathe with live tooling, from truing critical surface dimensions on our grinders, to machining our custom electrodes for EDM operations.

Having all these sophisticated CNC machining services in-house, and having Schwerdtle build your complete matching tool set, ensures that the precision components will work together.

In addition to building tools for customers, we do short-run machining of component parts. Contract machine services are available. Our machinists and programmers generally begin the job layout work directly from your CAD drawings and specifications.