Art Services

Our fully staffed art department offers comprehensive technical art services, from artwork “touch-ups” and films to art modification and re-creation, so your plastics decorating project is done right. Every decorating tool job we do begins in the art department.

Often, we will receive a carefully branded corporate logo in an art file. While this may look perfect to the company’s design staff when printed on paper, there are many modifications required by Schwerdtle to make it look perfect when hot stamped onto a 3-dimensional surface. That’s where our technical art experience shines.

In most cases, we use existing artwork files from our customer and modify them, so they reproduce correctly during the decorating process. Our technical art experts can take a customer’s well-known, 2-dimensional logo and adjust it slightly so that the artwork reproduces perfectly on their 3-dimensional product packaging.

3D projection of art onto a non-flat surface and making it look right is “part art, part science”. We understand that a customer’s brand must be accurately represented at all times, whether printed on a flat or complex curved surface, at any size. Our specialty is decorating difficult product packaging, like that found in cosmetics industry packaging. Complex, multi-curved surfaces and very small type must be imprinted precisely and accurately in production, millions of times.

Our art department staff can work with Mac or PC files and formats and is trained in all popular art programs – from Adobe CS to Corel Graphics Suite, and others. We can use the most popular file formats such as Illustrator, EPS, TIFF and more.