Die Engineering

Whether we are making a multi-level, contoured, dual durometer silicone decorating die, or an embossing tool set with complex 3D surfacing, these very different tools have one thing in common. Both require sophisticated engineering to achieve perfect results for our customers.

Embossing and debossing die sets require extensive knowledge of how to move metal. Schwerdtle has been engraving tools like this since 1879. The result is a die set that stretches and deforms the surface without tearing, creating a sharp and highly detailed imprint.

Metal or Silicone decorating dies range from relatively simple flat dies, to contoured dies requiring machined blanks, to dies required to decorate a product with complex compound curves, likely requiring a complex CNC machined mold. We do this successfully every day.

Our decorating die specialists can design the best solution for performance and cost efficiency based on the job specifics. Solutions range from low-cost etched magnesium to molded silicone, all the way up to precision machined brass or hardened steel dies capable of producing millions of product imprints.