Fixture Engineering

Properly engineered dies are only half the equation to success. Very often part holding fixtures are required to properly complete the job. Schwerdtle engineers are experts at designing dies and tooling fixtures that help you minimize waste and run at the highest production rates possible by providing solid support, consistent set-up, alignment adjustment, one-way mountings and easy automated or manual part loading and unloading.

Holding fixtures can be engineered for any stage of the assembly or decorating process. We make everything from part-moving sleds (“automation pucks”) that precisely hold and move your products down an assembly line, to gripper arms that hold products during spin welding assembly, and fixtures that orient your product components for secondary operations, such as hot-stamping, ultrasonic welding, gluing, decorating, assembly, and inspection. Tooling fixtures are designed to complement your existing decorating and assembly equipment while helping to reduce waste and scrap.

Fixtures are engineered and fabricated from many materials. Your product and process requirements drive the design and material choice. Commonly used materials for tooling fixtures are aluminum, urethanes or Delrin© and depending on the need, customers sometimes specify specialty coatings such as colored or clear anodizing or Iridite® (chromate hard coat for aluminum), chrome plating, or Teflon© coatings.