Heat Sealing

Schwerdtle is an expert in developing tooling and components for heat sealing assembly applications. 

Our clients operate in industries where heat sealing is used extensively in medical and pharmaceutical industry packaging, consumer products and food packaging. Some of the most common industrial uses for heat sealing are simple plastic bag production to sophisticated intravenous infusion (IV) products that require precision heat sealing dies that allow for incorporating valves and other components to be formed into the assembly process.

Schwerdtle has extensive experience creating custom thermally conductive silicone heat-sealing bars and dies that optimize the assembly process for joining different kinds of thermoplastic materials without damaging the materials being joined.



  • Schwerdtle makes both custom metal, and silicone-faced, heat-sealing dies.
  • Our silicone heat sealing dies will transfer heat to the sealing surface without marring or damaging the product.
  • Non-stick characteristics of our silicones will help prevent plastic films adhering to the die tool, reducing the potential of rejected parts and potentially allowing for higher temperatures and faster run times.


See our online store for fast delivery of stock sheets that can be cut or machined and are ideal for your in-house prototypes.

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