Embossing Tools

The history of Schwerdtle Stamp goes back to 1879 and from the beginning we engraved steel embossing, decorating, and marking dies.

Our clients are found in a variety of categories including cosmetics, consumer appliances, fine foods and liquor packaging, automotive, and sporting goods manufacturers. They use our custom metal stamp dies for their critical metal marking, decorating, and forming applications.

Schwerdtle excels at specialty metal marking tools like steel engraved roll marking dies, a decorating tool designed for use in screw machines, lathes, and roll-marking machines. The blanks are precisely machined and expertly engraved with uniform side bevels to assure long life, sharp imprints, and perfectly matched infinity designs.



  • Our custom-designed stamping and embossing tools are trusted to mark the most famous brand names in the world.
  • Our matched male/female embossing die sets feature 3D surfaced artwork.
  • As always, Schwerdtle embossing tools are custom designed for your application.

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