Orientation Fixtures

Schwerdtle engineers are experts at designing dies – and associated tooling fixtures – that are critical to successful decorating and assembly functions. 

Our custom-engineered orientation fixtures ensure your products are securely held and oriented at the best angle to receive the perfect imprint. And beyond solid support, they provide consistent set-up, alignment adjustment, one-way mountings and easy automated or manual part loading and unloading. 

Fixturing and tooling for a hot-stamp application can be just as important as the hot-stamp die itself. Solid support inside the part and proper orientation is critical for exceptional, repeatable hot stamp decorating results. 



  • High quality imprints, minimized waste, highest production rates.
  • Achieve quick setups and perfect impressions with Schwerdtle’s matched part-holding fixtures and hot-stamping dies
  • Schwerdtle CNC machining and CAD capabilities assure a perfect fit between the hot stamp die, the part, and the support fixture.

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