Robotics and automated assembly operations are everywhere, and everyday manufacturers and businesses are finding new uses for these tools. Schwerdtle’s moldable thermoset silicone materials are finding an increasing role in this ever expanding, automated world due to their unique properties, durability, and cost effectiveness.

With traditional end of arm tooling (EOAT) options, you can get cheap off-the-shelf catalog supplies. And if these don’t work for you, your only other option is ultra-expensive custom fabricated parts usually from the robotic makers themselves. 

There is a huge gap in the middle of that market that Schwerdtle is uniquely qualified to fill. Our robotic fingertips can be configured to work with any robot brand. 

Working with your engineers, Schwerdtle can produce fully custom robotic fingertip grips for a fraction of the costs usually associated with full-on custom components. Our custom silicone molding and CNC machine capabilities allow for wire paths, mounting points, slots for your specific sensor needs and more. 

The unique heat-tolerant and chemically inert properties of our silicone allow for clear, or color, anodizing of the aluminum gripper parts after molding.