Solutions Engineering

Everyone says, “we provide solutions”, but their real goal is to try to convince you that their existing product will work for you. The Schwerdtle difference is that everything we make is a custom solution to address your specific automation, assembly, or product decorating challenges.

We don’t sell to you; we partner with you. Typically, our engineers will work with your engineers to understand the issues you are having and come up with the optimal solution. Often, your required solution is unique and not immediately obvious. The majority of all the solutions we provide for customers are not in any catalog. Many are new “inventions” suited specifically to your processes.

Using our machining experience and extensive knowledge of our silicone properties and characteristics, we innovate creative solutions for our customers. This is what drives us and excites us.

Examples of recent innovations include large, custom molded pads with a unique anti-slip waffle tread pattern that fit onto warehouse robots for a worldwide logistics company; end of arm tooling specifically designed to move battery pack subassemblies for a famous electric vehicle manufacturer; a silicone-faced aluminum glue dam fixture that allows for UV curing of tiny wire harness terminal connections for a large electronics company, and many more. Prior to implementing our “no-stick” glue dam solution, these same wire assemblers were having difficulty containing the glue and getting the finish product to release without damage. 

Together, with our customers, we solved all these challenges.

Let us show you how our capabilities and special thermoset silicone properties can be solutions for YOUR toughest challenges.