Tools For Your Toughest Decorating Challenges

Our plastic decorating experience goes back to the beginning of large-scale plastic products manufacturing in the 1960’s. From then to now, Schwerdtle has produced hot-stamping, heat-transfer tooling, and fixtures for all types of decorating including plastic, glass, leather, and metal products.

Creating perfect imprints on your parts require two key factors:


Our Technical Art Department will optimize your artwork for decorating your parts, allowing your brand to shine. Often when 2D artwork is adapted to 3D surfaces, nearly imperceptible changes are needed. Slight distortions must be made to compensate for the curves in the part and the product’s viewing angle. Our technical artists are experts at knowing when and how to do this.


Achieving perfect imprints and reduced waste takes experience whether a part needs plasma pre-treating, specialized fixture orientation and print area support, to which type of press is optimal such as direct printing or in a roll-on application. We can help you decide, and if necessary, make artwork and die modifications so it will work for your preferred method of decorating.

We are recognized for our expertise in health and beauty, cosmetics, automotive, and consumer product decorating tools and fixtures for some of the best-known brands on the planet. Let our experts help you choose the silicone or engraved metal decorating dies best suited and most cost-effective options for flawless results on your application. We are “machine agnostic” and make tooling for all decorating machines. We understand that you trust your reputation when you trust your brand to Schwerdtle.