Heat Transfer

Schwerdtle is an acknowledged leader in designing and manufacturing tools used by leading companies for heat transfer decorating. Heat transfer is a dry process like hot stamping except that instead of using foils, a pre-printed graphic image is bonded to a surface using heat, dwell time, and pressure.

Our clients operate across a range of categories including sports and outdoor equipment, pharmaceutical and vitamins, health & beauty aids, and a multitude of consumer packaging companies where the technique is popular. The advantage of using heat transfer labels is that vibrant, high-resolution, multicolor graphics are applied to your part in a single application.

Because Schwerdtle’s pliable heat-conductive silicone bonded to metal is the ideal material for making heat transfer dies and for applying heat transfer labels, our silicone rollers and press bars are recognized as industry best-practice.



  • 140 years of expertise in product decoration and engraving
  • World-class engineering team standing by to customize client solutions
  • As a custom die manufacturer, we are machine independent and can make ready-to-mount dies for all types of decorating application machines

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