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Schwerdtle's capabilities:

Electrodes for EDM Machining

Ultrasonic Tooling

Embossing and Forming tools



Today is:  


spacer Automobile emblem tooling FORD Cobra Mustang die tooling DODGE RAM Truck dies and tooling CHRYSLER tooling and embossing dies
spacer spring steel forming tools Fragrance perfume bottle decorating tools 3D surface art tooling Lipstick tube 3 dimensional engraved die set
spacer Hammered effect 3D decorating Crocodile or Aliigator print decoration for metal EXTREME close up of sculpted 3D tooling

Schwerdtle has been producing embossing and forming tools for over 135 years. We can do things very few other companies in the world can do. Our 'old school' craftmanship paired with new technologies help us produce unique product tool for our customers. Our decorating tools give our clients the ability to produce products that stand out in their markets and create a competitive marketing advantage.

This is only a small sampling of the tens of thousands of tools we've produced over the years.

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